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New Politics, Vol. V, No. 2 (New Series), Winter 1995, Whole No. 18

The Mean Season, Barry Finger

The Politics of Vengeance, Kent Worcester

Occupying and Obscuring Haiti, Mark Dow

The Health Care Debacle, John Canham-Clyne

Is New York City Still a Labor Town?, Robert Fitch

The Canadian Experience, Elaine Bernard

Dwight Macdonald & the Anti-Stalinist Left, S. A. Longstaff

Feminism Against Fundamentalism, Lidia Falcon

Germany Remains Divided, Hanna Behrend

Comeback of the Communists, Paul Hockenos

Jewish Activists in the German Revolution, Stephen Eric Bronner

Why Marx Still Matters, Christopher Phelps

Russia: the Silence of the Lambs, Sebastian Job

The Soviet Union Is Dead, the Russian Question Remains, Julius Jacobson

Was Russia a Workers' State?, Barry Finger

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