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Vol. VI, No. 1 (New Series), Summer 1996, Whole No. 21

Clinton and the Shame of the Left, David Finkel

The Million Man March

On Black Intellectuals: an Exchange, Adolph Reed, Jr./ Manning Marable

Gender, Sexuality, Political Economy, Micaela Di Leonardo and Roger Lancaster

Our Labor Leaders Need French Lessons, Bob Fitch

The Dayton Strike, Staughton Lynd

The Strike at Yale, Gordon Lafer

The March Elections in Spain, Wilebaldo Solano

The Civil War in Spain

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Mark Dow

Argentina in the Hour of the Furnaces, Pablo Pozzi and Alejandro Schneider

Little Will Change under Labor, John Palmer

Dismantling Germany's Welfare State, Hanna Behrend

Canon on the Left, Marvin Mandell

Exchange on the Enlightenment, Loren Goldner/Stephen Eric Bronner

The Obliteration of Hiroshima, Stephen R. Shalom

The USSR and the Nature of World War II, Julius Jacobson

Review: Black Strategies of Resistance, Grant Farred

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