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New Politics, Vol. VI, No. 2 (New Series), Winter 1997, Whole No. 22


The 1996 Elections:

Prospects for the Labor Party, Jane Slaughter

Downsizing the Welfare State, Betty Reid Mandell

The Rise and Decline of Louis Farrakan, Sundiata K. Cha-Jua and Clarence Long

A Critique of William Julius Wilson, Stephen Steinberg

Identity Politics and Class Struggle, Robin D. G. Kelley

Angry White Men on the Left, Jesse Lemisch

Netanyahu and the Palestinians, Adam Keller

A Plea for Reason, Evidence and Logic, Alan Sokal

Postmodernism and the Left, Barbara Epstein

Power, Resistance and Science, Naomi Weisstein

Sweeney Among the Warlords, Bob Fitch

Job-Selling at the Janitors' Local, Michael Hirsch

Was the Bolshevik Revolution a Coup?, Morris Slavin

Book Reviews

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