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New Politics, Vol. VIII, No. 1 (New Series), Summer 2000, Whole No. 29


A Movement Begins: The Washington Protest, Jesse Lemisch

Symposium on Globalization: Hard Questions For The Left

A Green Perspective on Ralph Nader And Independent Political Action, Howie Hawkins

An Exchange: Organized Labor And Chinese Immigration

The Mob And Labor-management Corruption in The Garment Industry, Herbert Hill

Stirring Things Up, or Reeding Black Politics, Barry Goldberg

A Debate on Sociobiology And Rape, Craig T. Palmer and Lynn Chancer

The Politics of Richard Rorty, Alan Johnson

Engendering Transition in Russia: an Interview with Valerie Sperling, Conducted by Nanette Funk

The French May 1968 Revisited, Daniel Singer

China And The Third Camp, Paul Hampton

Cuba Today And Prospects For Change, Samuel Farber

Hungary: Knocking on Europe's Door, Làszlò Andor

Film Review: Oliver Stone's "Any Given Sunday," Kurt Jacobsen

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