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New Politics, Vol. VIII, No. 3 (New Series), Summer 2001, Whole No. 31


Symposium: The Nader Campaign and the Future of Independent Politics

Feminism Today: An Interview With Gwendolyn Mink, conducted by Stephen R Shalom and Joanne Landy

Slavery, Racist Violence, and Apartheid: The Case For Reparations, Sundiata Keita Cha-Jua

The Politics of the Disability Rights Movements, Ravi Malhotra

The Quebec City Protests, David McNally

The Middle East: Hope Is a Scarce Commodity, Adam Keller

Conscientious Objection in Israel, Ruth Hiller

Argentine Grandmothers' Resistance, Rita Arditti

Mexico in Transition . . . to What?, Dan LaBotz

Haiti: The Crisis Persists, Sony Esteus

An Exchange: On Philosophy and Politics, The Cold War And The Left, Richard Rorty and Chronis Polychroniou

The Cultural Cold War, Alan Johnson

Marx and Nature, Paul Burkett

The Legacy of Rosa Luxemburg, Stephen Eric Bronner

Michael Harrington's Pilgrimage: From Third Camp to The Democratic Party, Barry Finger

A Tribute to Daniel Singer, Samuel Farber

Book and Film Reviews

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