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New Politics, Vol. IX, No. 2 (New Series), Winter 2003, Whole No. 34


Iraq: Their Regime Change and Ours, Barry Finger

Statement in Opposition to Saddam Hussein and Against the War in Iraq, Campaign for Peace and Democracy

Discussion and Debate on the "War on Terrorism", Letters from Richard Greeman, John Halle, David McReynolds, Sam Friedman, Jason Schulman, Horst Brand, James Petras, Michael Parenti, Edward S. Herman/Response by Julius Jacobson

Liberals Amid the Wreckage of the 2002 Elections, Michael Hirsch

Running for Governor of New York State, Stanley Aronowitz

California: Green Electoral Progress, Eric V. Kirk

The Future of Caretaking, Betty Reid Mandell [with footnotes]

On Feminism and Global Justice, Johanna Brenner

Did Project Censored Whitewash Serbian Atrocities?, Letters from Bogdan Denitch, Peter Phillips, Diana Johnstone, Edward S. Herman & David Peterson/Response by David Walls

Class, Gender and Race in the Newark Teacher Strikes, Lois Weiner

The Future of the European Social Forum, Martin Thomas

The Rise and Fall of Sidney Hook, Christopher Phelps

Victor Serge: Portrait of a Revolutionary, Richard Greeman

Dystopia Revisited, Martin Oppenheimer

Reflections on The Great Gatsby, Robert Woods Sayre and Michael Löwy

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