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Getting Out of Iraq, Gilbert Achcar and Stephen R. Shalom

NP Symposium on Prisons

  • Introduction, Mark Dow

  • A Window for Reform, Judith Greene

  • America's "Relentless Judicial Machine," Andrew Hammel

  • Escaping into Prison with Fox, Lorna A. Rhodes

  • A Haven for Refugees in Pennsylvania, James Harbison

  • Monitoring Women and Children in U.S. Prisons, Bonnie Kerness

  • Urgency of the Incarcerated, Buzz Alexander and Suzanne Gothard

  • Voices from Prison, Abira Ashfaq

Special Section on Religion and Politics

Roundtable on Immigration and African Americans

Stephen Steinberg's "Immigration, African Americans and Race Discourse" in our last issue of New Politics (#39) elicited several responses. Here they are with Steinberg's rejoinder. Steinberg's article, together with a different set of responses and a reply from Steinberg, also appears in the Winter issue of New Labor Forum. We urge readers to follow this debate in both venues. - EDS.

Comparative Politics

James Weinstein: An Obituary, Stanley Aronowitz


  • Stephen R. Shalom, Economic Justice and Democracy by Robin Hahnel

  • Milton Fisk, The Philosopher and His Poor, by Jacques Rancière

  • Michael Wreszin, The Misuse of History After the Fall of Communism, edited by Ellen Schrecker

  • Sean Cain, Argentina: Hope in Hard Times, film by Melissa Young and Mark Dworkin

  • Kurt Jacobsen, Downfall, film by Oliver Hirschbiegel

  • Words and Pictures: Gary Martin on Steve Brodner


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