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From the Editors, Marvin Mandell and Betty Reid Mandell

Iraq: Democrats to the Fore, Barry Finger


Homeless Shelters: A Feeble Response to Homelessness, Betty Reid Mandell (with notes)

Finland is Soft on Crime, Dan Gardner

Revolutionary Unionism: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow, Dan Jakopovich (with notes)

Alice in Imperialand, Richard Greeman

Laws and Injustice: Fighting for Human Rights in Mexico, Chris Tilly and Marie Kennedy

Raul's Cuba, Sam Farber [Español]

Return of Limits, Ashley Dawson

Who's Afraid of the ICC, Laurie Calhoun

The Socialist Challenge for British Labour Party Leadership: Interview with John McDonnell, M.P., Chris Ford and David Broder

The Religious Right and the Perversion of Biblical Ethics: Unclear on the Concept, Russell Pregeant

In Memoriam: Ellen Willis, Lynn Chancer

Leaving Asia Minor: A Poem, Andrew Krivak

New Politics: A Poem, Everett Frost


Words and Pictures

  • Interview with Harvey Pekar, Kent Worcester


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