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From the Editors, Marvin Mandell and Betty Reid Mandell


Planetary Citizen, Kurt Vonnegut: 1922-2007, Gregory D. Sumner

Special Section on Latin America

The Question of Palestine, Interview with Bashir Abu-Manneh

Hammerin' on Heaven's Door: Habitat for Humanity and the Rebuilding of New Orleans, Fran Shor

"We Are Two Nations" On the 80th Anniversary of the Execution of Sacco and Vanzetti, Martin Oppenheimer

Smuggling for the ANC: A Politically Incorrect Account, Carey Harrison

Confronting Horror: Writing About Torture, Kristian Williams

poem: Borrowed Light: Here in the Twentieth Century, Sheila Black

War on France, Alexander Zevin

Does Immigration Hurt U.S.-Born Workers?, Martin Oppenheimer (with notes)

America's Soft Power Dysfunctions, Emad El-Din Aysha (with notes)

After Twelve Years: Where is That Labor-Intellectual Alliance?, Herman Benson

Babble On: Walter Benjamin and Bertolt Brecht on the Radio as Medium, Method, Message, and Metaphor, Everett C. Frost

A film review of Rendition, Kurt Jacobsen

Book Reviews

Injustice in Iran: An Appeal to the UN, Akbar Ganji

Words and Pictures: My Dorchester Neighbors, Greg Cook


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