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New Politics, Vol. VII, No. 2 (New Series), Winter 1999, Whole No. 26


Clinton's Enemies, Marvin Mandell

Falling Through the Safety Net, Betty Reid Mandell

Misusing Class-Based Affirmative Action, Stephen Steinberg

The Continuity of U.S. Imperialism, Stephen R. Shalom

The Threat of Globalization, Edward S. Herman

Class & Race in Public Higher Education, Nancy Romer

Israel: the Uphill Struggle for Peace, Adam Keller

Right-Wing Extremism in Germany, Martin Oppenheimer

Mexico: Malaise and Social Conflict, Phillip Smith

Building on the Strengths of the Socialist Feminist Tradition, Sue Ferguson

Women and the Third World: Exploring the Dangers of Difference, Meera Nanda

A Flawed History of the Popular Front, Frank A. Warren

Is Bureaucracy "Best" for Unions?, Kim Moody

Walter Reuther in Black and White: a Rejoinder to Herbert Hill, Nelson Lichtenstein

Lichtenstein s Fictions Revisited: Race and the New Labor History, Herbert Hill

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