Special Section on Cuba

[from New Politics, vol. 9, no. 3 (new series),
whole no. 35, Summer 2003]


In the following section, New Politics is pleased to present a set of pieces on the recent trials and executions in Cuba and the response of the anti-imperialist left to that wave of repression. The section begins with an interview by three NP editorial board members with Samuel Farber, a Cuban-born writer whose articles on Cuba have appeared in New Politics over the years. The interview is followed by two responses to James Petras, whose article denouncing left critics of the Cuban crackdown was released in early May 2003. The first response is by Canadian socialist Zane Boyd, the second is by Joanne Landy, co-director of the Campaign for Peace and Democracy (CPD) and a member of the NP editorial board. The section ends with two CPD statements: "Anti-War, Social Justice and Human Rights Advocates Oppose Repression in Cuba," which was circulated for signatures starting in March 2003, and "Campaign for Peace and Democracy Protests U.S. Actions Against Cuba" issued in June 2003. Taken together, we believe this group of pieces will prove an invaluable resource for the left in the United States and abroad.


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