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New Politics, Vol. IX, No. 3 (New Series), Summer 2003, Whole No. 35


Editorial Note

Nathan Glazer and the Assassination of Affirmative Action, Stephen Steinberg

Betty Friedan and the Radical Past of Liberal Feminism, Joanne Boucher

Iraq and the Third Camp, Alan Johnson

Julius Jacobson Memorial

Special Section on Cuba

Venezuela in Two Winds, Justin Podur

Lula: New-Style Revolutionary or False Prophet?, Sue Branford

The Politics of the Cairo Declaration, Stan Crooke

The Life and Death of Socialist Zionism, Jason Schulman

Rank and File Metalworker Militancy in France and Britain, 1890-1918, Mark Hudson

Participatory Economics: An Interview with Michael Albert, Justin Podur


Appropriate Means: An Interview with China MiÚville, Mark Bould

Book and Film Reviews

Words and Pictures: Ruben Bolling, Kent Worcester


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