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New Politics, Vol. IX, No. 4 (New Series), Winter 2004, Whole No. 36


Affirmative Action -- 2003, Reginald Wilson

Sharon vs. Arafat: Leader Bashing as Means in the Oppression of a Nation, Adam Keller

The U.S. Occupation of Iraq: Questions for the Peace Movement, Joanne Landy

Immigration in a Global Era, Saskia Sassen

Child Labor in the World Economy, Glenn Perusek

The International Labor Movement Between Geneva, Brussels, Seattle, Porto Alegre and Utopia, Peter Waterman

Solidarity and Student Protests in Iran, Jeremy Brecher

France: Crescendo of the Class Struggle, Vincent Présumey

An Autopsy on the Provos, Sandy Boyer

Intellectuals and Anti-Fascism: For a Critical Historization, Enzo Traverso

Orwell and Socialism, John Newsinger

Stephen Jay Gould: An Appreciation, Clive Bradley

The Minorities "Question": Does the Left Have Answers?, Martin Oppenheimer

You've Been Well Cared For, Betty Reid Mandell

Power and Democracy: More than a Reply to Michael Lwy, John Holloway

Just an Answer to John Holloway, Michael Lwy


Edward Said: In Memoriam

Book and Film Reviews

Words and Pictures: Peter Kuper, Kent Worcester


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